trokendi xr now approved for migraine treatment

Migraine Prevention

Migraine can significantly disrupt time with loved ones, education, and careers1†

– The World Health Organization considers migraine to be one of the most disabling medical illnesses worldwide1
– More than 37 million Americans are living with migraine2
– In the United States, there is an emergency room visit every 10 seconds for headache or migraine3

  • There is no evidence that Trokendi XR reduces these disruptions or emergency room (ER) visits.

For patients with frequent migraine attacks or migraines that do not respond to acute treatments, preventive medications can be important4

  • Studies show that approximately 45% of adult patients with migraine show a substantial reduction in migraine with preventive therapy5-8
  • However, only about 12% of adults with migraine take preventive medication9

Topiramate is a highly effective molecule for migraine prevention.5,6,10 See topiramate efficacy data